A&A Fresh Cut Herbs and Microgreens Sleeves - herb Bags - herb Garden - hydroponics Supplies - Home Garden

  • 🌱 Food Grade Packaging - Herb Bags
  • 🌱 Count: 50 sleeves per pack
  • 🌱 Print: Clear / unprinted on both sides.
  • 🌱 Special Features: Includes a fold-over flap with a resealable adhesive strip, an antifog coating for enhanced clarity
  • 🌱 Sealed bottom with 1/8" drain hole above the bottom seal.

Our unique conical shaped Fresh Cut Herbs and Microgreens Sleeves offer great retail appearance for your fresh cut herbs and microgreens with their ‘ever-clear’ antifog coating. They also save valuable retail space due to their petite size. The sleeve is fast and easy to fill for growers and is lightweight for economical shipping. It is also consumer friendly with its resealable adhesive top.